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coritec one 2021.jpg
  • a new type of closed mono-block cast body

  • optimized touch software operation

  • optimized axle kinematics

  • high dynamics, precision and speed

  • outstanding price-performance ratio

  • processing of all commonly used material blocks, as well as premilled abutments

  • multi-adapter for up to three blocks or maxi-blocks (65mm x 40mm x 20mm)

  • highest degree of stability and precision

  • fully integrated wet and dry processing

  • automated 6-fold tool changer

  • tool runtime monitoring / breakage monitoring / tool management / job management

  • integrated control PC with 10” touchscreen for smart graphical operation

  • only low-pressure compressed air needed (2 bar)

  • innovative cooling / fi ltering system for easy handling

  • fully enclosed wet cell with larger genuine glass pane

  • integrated CNC and CAM module

  • modern, high-quality and ergonomic machine-design

  • efficient milling spindle with 80,000 rpm

imes-icore CORiTEC one
Milling Machine
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