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NextDent 3D printable materials, which are all biocompatible and CE-certified, make them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are classified in accordance with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC, making them suitable for local registrations as well. The NextDent resin materials are available in a spectrum of colours, depending on the daily use and your preferences.

NexDent dental 3D printing materials have all been tested extensively for biological safety, ensuring they can be used on patients without any restrictions. They are tested for e.g. cytotoxicity, sensitivity, genotoxicity and internal and external irritation.

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NextDent Resins
3D Printing Materials
NextDent Gingiva Mask
NextDent Cast
NextDent Denture 3D Plus
NextDent Try-In
NextDent C&B MFH
NextDent Ortho IBT
NextDent Ortho Clear
NextDent Tray
NextDent Model Ortho
NextDent Ortho Rigid
NextDent SG (Surgical Guide)
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